Accesing and modifying Glyph Class in Fontlab 5

I have a client with several fonts who have diferent glyph definitions. He set up that on Glyph properties panel, which have different options: Unassigned, Simple, Ligature, Mark and Component. As I understand, this is related to Glyph definition table (GDEF), but I'm not completely sure about how it works.

He needs to modify the «class» (this panel option) for many glyphs in many hebrew fonts and he is asking me to make a python script.
I'm not sure if there is a glyph atribute or font definition where I can change this.

Or maybe there is anyone who wants to do it and tell me how it works, so I learn something new.



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    You can use the type attribute, i.e. glyph.type, to set and get the glyph’s GDEF class.
    The values are straight forward Unassigned = 0, Simple = 1, Ligature = 2, Mark = 3, Component = 4.

    Alternatively, you can use FDK’s GDEF definition. VOLT also has a way to define GDEF classes.
  • Awesome. Thanks, Denis!
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