Type/Font identification

Is there or plans to be a type/font identification category ?, as this was helpful back in the Typophile days. 


  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,635
    No, but there is this: http://fontid.co
  • See Rule 2.
  • It wasn’t mainly to identify a font as such, it on a letterpress typeface named De-Little No. 51 if there was a digital version of it. 
  • George ThomasGeorge Thomas Posts: 626
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    @Luke Freeman -- http://typography.guru/forums/ has a type ID forum. Not a lot of activity but on a letterpress type you should be able to get an ID and other information.
  • Hello George,

    I know the name of the letterpress typeface it's De-Little No. 51. Here is the image, focus is on the Tall Condensed font headlining and ampers&

    Sorry if this discussion has become an ID discussion.
  • Really?
  • Sorry if comment seemed off topic. I did comment before saying ‘I knew the name of the typeface, did it exist as a digital version’. I wanted to post a discussion, on a typeface that was in Letterpress. I knew the name of the letterpress type used (it wouldn't be a case of identification) however would fall into that category. 

    If I wanted to discuss a typeface for insight that isn't my own, guess it's not welcome here I take it. 

    The comment above was an example. 

  • Stephen ColesStephen Coles Posts: 992
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    This still falls under the category of font identification. The Font ID site should help you even if it's looking for digital versions of analog type.
  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,635
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    Luke, please understand that many of us here feel that Typophile was kind of ruined by its Type ID feature. I was guilty of encouraging it by my participation for a long time, but it ultimately became a source of distraction and noise for those who really just wanted to talk about type and type design.

    And fontid.co does a good job of handling that task.

    Mods: It might be worthwhile to include a link somewhere in the navigation column.
  • The (well, one :-) reason I got in trouble on Typophile was that I was actively fighting a group of "collectors" using font ID as a gateway drug of sorts to piracy; the admin even assigned somebody to keep an eye on me so I didn't "scare off newbies"... I'm very happy that's no temptation here (for them or me).
  • Dick PapeDick Pape Posts: 1
    None whatsoever. Friendly conversations, no trolls...
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 2,103
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    It’s still possible to ask for typeface identification here, but the question has to be framed obliquely in a way that is interesting for type drawers to discuss, so it’s not just altruism for slackers looking for a quickie professional freebie.
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