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  • Stephen ColesStephen Coles Posts: 989
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    I see they have PDFs for sale. Are these scans different from what is available on archive.org and other sources? Edit: Never mind, question answered. They are his own scans from his own collection.
  • The books are not scanned, they are photographed. Still useful and certainly interesting.
  • AbiRasheedAbiRasheed Posts: 236
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    Hey that's by a guy I know, jason carne. I think it's free if you subscribe or something of that sort I forgot. @Stephen Coles I do check archive.org occasionally scouring for free material and some of these from jason aren't available there, infact I'm pretty sure there's none of it up there. He buys these books or has collections of it if I remember correctly and puts it up, some of them are pretty pricey too I believe, but good stuff.
  • I think it's free if you subscribe or something of that sort 
    For ten dollars a month via Gumroad, you get four books sent to your inbox each month. If you're hunting for specific books it's better to buy them individually. But if you're happy with getting whatever Jason selects each month, it's a fun surprise to get some high res images of these books from his collection.
  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,947
    The books are not scanned, they are photographed.

    FWIW, Scanning old lettering manuals is often not an option unless you have a big budget. They’re usually too big to fit an standard letter/A4 scanner. And some were printed on horrible paper with horrible bindings that just crumbles if you try to scan it with a flatbad scanner. I gave up on scanning an early edition of Atkinson because every time I put it on the scanner bits of paper fell out so I couldn’t get a good image. Doing better than what Jason is doing would require going into a photo studio and using a large format document scanner with an SLR camera.

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