peggo (Pedro González)
edited June 2016 in Type Releases

Few days ago I release at MyFonts my most recent type design project called "LeBrush" which was based on real brush lettering in traditional Roman calligraphic style, I decide to develop it in 10 typographic weights
  • Thin
  • ExtraLight
  • Light
  • Book
  • Classic (specially focused on "Titling Movie" design)
  • Medium
  • Bold
  • ExtraBold
  • Dark
  • ExtraDark
It was inspired on the classic Roman proportion “Capitalis Monumentalis” better knowed Trajan Column. The “LeBrush classic" fits exactly the traditional 9,5 nib widhts to define its capital heights specially developed to make users easily design ‘Movie titling’ raphics, books & magazines covers and posters.

Professional typographer/designers and pro-Users can freely design logotypes, labels and even printed stuff using opentype options and decorate it with the complementary extra sets.