Announcing protoType – a curated competition & exhibition

SOTA has launched protoType, a competition and forthcoming TypeCon exhibition of speculative typeface design.

See the full rules. Highlights:
• No eligibility timeframe. Even historical designs may be submitted.
• Free to enter. No material prizes, just near-eternal fame & glory.
• Notable jury (except for that one guy) with non-Latin expertise.
• Deadline: July 3.

Any questions or comments welcome.

Recent and related: a FontStand article & a Typographica follow-up.

Good luck!


  • Less than two weeks left to submit!
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 1,628
    Working on it.

  • This Sunday is the submission deadline!
    Find your inner alien.

  • A quick Thank You to all who submitted.

    We received over 300 entries from more than 200 parties, in quite a few writing systems.

    Now the jurors are foraging deep into the luscious jungle...
  • One more stat and some inside info, for the curious:

    We received entries in over a dozen writing systems. The jury can handle most of them, but for four writing systems we needed help. We're fortunate to get that help from the following experts: Erin McLaughlin, Krista Radoeva, Meir Sadan and Panos Vassiliou.
  • I'm looking forward to hearing about the results. Where and when will they be posted? 
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 1,628
    Interesting stuff! At least three of the selections go beyond type design per se into configuring new alphabetic scripts.
  • Hrant, sorry for the delayed response. I'll work on a link this week. Are there plans for further exhibition?
  • There are... various plans.  :-)
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