Small Caps Practice

Is there any precedence when typesetting small caps to use standard size non-small caps specific punctuation, at least with period, colon, and quotation marks? As a user is it best to have the option of basic punctuation designed/scaled to small caps proportions? I'm curious if there's any best practice or user scenarios where either/or is preferable?


  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,248
    but to have it triggered not by the regular small caps feature but rather by the caps-to-small-caps feature. 

    That is also the way I do it.  Otherwise, when you have mixed case, you may get a smcp next to a cap.
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 1,538
    Right. The main use of small caps is in mixed case setting, with minuscules and majuscules, so changing punctuation is wrong.

    For all small caps (c2sc), you have to decide whether there is any benefit in having the setting resemble a scaled-down all (full) caps setting, with, for instance, shrunken, lowered quote marks. I usually leave them alone; after all, the comma extends beyond the baseline, so default quotes balance that nicely in all-small-caps.

    Small versions of the question and exclamation marks, and ampersand, may seem obvious, but are a bit of a luxury as they are so rarely required in all-small-cap settings, so may be omitted. But perhaps I am mistaken on this and will shortly be corrected by Kent Lew!
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