Monotype is seeking a script specialist


Script Specialist

We are looking for a Script Specialist to join our worldwide design team – someone who loves typography and enjoys collaborating with designers and software developers.  This role involves working on custom projects as well as designs for our type library.


·      Ability to read client documents with the intention of understanding the client’s needs. Ability to ask questions about the unclear or unwritten parts. Once specifications are clear, translate them into the specs of a product.

·      Building and testing OpenType tables (substitution & positioning) for various scripts

·      Verifying and supplementing the repertoire of a font to match a known standard or particular customer requirement

·      Researching unfamiliar scripts to understand their rendering requirements



·      Bachelor’s Degree

·      Knowledge of basic typography, digital or otherwise

·      Typeface Anatomy: familiarity with names of components and parts of characters

·      Appreciation of design, style, and their appropriate application in typography

·      Familiarity with global geography & language distribution

·      Knowledge of at least one non-native language, and preferably one non-Latin script

·      Understanding of the Unicode Standard 

o   Basic principles

o   Concept of character vs. glyph

o   Character attributes

o   Organization by script

·      Understanding of national standards that preceded Unicode

·      Latin-based Character sets: ability to extend such collections to support certain regions, countries, or languages.

·      Ready to be exposed to new writing systems and related information

·      Ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic production environment with challenging deadlines.

·      Excellent communication skills for presenting and reviewing work with colleagues

·      Quickly adaptable to new tools and changes in priorities.


We offer

·      An enthusiastic team of type designers and technologists, established and new talent, from all over the world

·      Opportunities to learn as well as determine the future of our type design and font development

·      Attractive compensation package