Null Sans, First Typeface. I NEED HELP!

David Lam
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Hi guys. I think I found home. This forum has so many useful tips and discussions around type. I'm really sad I didn't find this place earlier!

Okay, I graduated from a design course last year. I love typography. I've tried my first attempt on making a typeface this week, mainly just for fun and to kill some time while I apply for internships/jobs. It started to turn out into something I could potentially put in my folio.

So far I've only done the lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation. I'm really not sure if I can do capitals because I'm really burnt out right now (I NEED OPINIONS OF THIS). I've also never worked with capital letters so If i don't make it feel like it matches the lowercase glyphs it feels like a waste.

I also need any type of critique. I'd love any technical tips + valuable input. (I have no idea how hinting works, any tips?)
Another important thing is I have no idea how to describe this typeface. In terms of classification, influences and personality. I want to give it a strong context. What are your first thoughts when you see my typeface? I know for sure I can see a little Univers, a little Optima. It's kind of like if plain Jane tried to liberate her plainness by wearing a quirky outfit, but the outfit was actually just a really tight swimsuit (I KNOW WHAT KIND OF DESCRIPTION IS THAT LMAO)