Drawing type: alternatives for Apple screen?


My Cinema Display recently died and I'm looking to buy a new screen to use with my macbook pro.
Obvious choice would be a new Apple screen, but I'm curious if there are screens from other manufacturers that are fit for drawing type.

Any experiences with screens other than Apple's?



  • Apple's external monitors are disappointing low resolution, with technological limitations in the current lineup of non-iMac computers preventing them from launching 4k (or better) monitors in the next few years.

    Seconded on the Dell.
  • Thanks, that Dell should be a beast.
  • Regarding the prospect of an Apple standalone retina display:

    I wouldn't bet on them announcing a retina display at WWDC, but I doubt we're more than even a year away.
  • The 4K 27" displays don't fitt well with OS X, everything is to big (it is like when when a 'normal' 27" would have full HD resolution, so for 27", the natural retina resolution should be 5K).  
    There are rumors that Apple will release an external 5K screen but that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon. 

    The problem with 5K screens is the you need a quite strong machine and graphics card. So your MacBook might not be able to deliver 5K and maybe not even 4K depending how old it is.

    I suggest strongly to get an iMac 5K. It is by far the best screen you can get right now.
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,640
    I like my 28" 4K monitor, but I agree with Georg that everything is a bit big.

    The problem with 5K screens has been that previous video cable standards can't handle that much bandwidth for 5K at 60 Hz—my late 2013 model MacBook Pro can handle the number of pixels and refresh, but it doesn't support any cable with that bandwidth. The reason the 5K iMac worked even so long ago was that it has internal video connection instead of external. (I'm sure this is being addressed by newer cable standards, mind you.)
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