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Luke FreemanLuke Freeman Posts: 61
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For those who struggle to find books in print relating to designing type. I have came across some out of print books, thought might be worth sharing. Some are extracts some in full.

[links removed by moderator, see note below]


Gerrit Noordzij on drawing

Masterclass - Christian Schwartz (crit he gives on students work, helps you rethink drawing letters and when used contextually)

If you wish you share comment below


  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 2,939
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    A ragbag of papers and presentations I've given in recent years:

    Most recently, my TYPO Labs presentation on making complex script fonts for the Universal Shaping Engine:
  • Also see this pretty epic recent list of videos:

    @Fernando Díaz has posted them on a website too:

    Also, never forget has a bunch of digitized specimen books.
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    So, if something is out of print, it is OK to post an electronic version of it? That is an interesting interpretation of copyright law.

    I grant that most of these are very far out of print and used copies are selling at very high prices. I don’t think that much affects the legalities of it, though. (And of course Elements is not out of print at all.)
  • Dan ReynoldsDan Reynolds Posts: 170
    Right. A moderator should delete those links. I can’t imagine that, if these were links to font files, they would be tolerated here. 
  • Nina StössingerNina Stössinger Posts: 151
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    [Moderator note to above]
    Indeed we have discussed this among the moderation team, and I have removed the links from the original post. Unauthorized reproductions of copyrighted materials have no place on TypeDrawers; we (of all people!) need to be serious about respecting intellectual property. The idea is that any intellectual property may only be shared here by the original copyright holder, or the links/information will be removed.
    Obviously this is in no way meant to discourage people from reading awesome, valuable, out-of-print books – may I point for instance to that awesome institution the library. :)
    As you were.

    [Edit: the official rules have been updated to clearly reflect this policy.]
  • Sorry to all, if my post breached rules. Here is a link to something to make up for it 
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