VTT 6 + Windows 10 feels twitchy and weird

Anyone else finding that their muscle memory is making them a little uncomfortable? I swear that VTT's scroll-to-zoom is now reversed and I can't find a single mouse setting in Windows 10 that feels familiar. It's like the acceleration can't ever be low enough and the max speed is too slow. (I don't think this is a VM issue, because the mouse feels fine and unchanged in OS X.)

I may also be weird (okay, that's more of a certainty).



  • Hin-Tak LeungHin-Tak Leung Posts: 359
    It may be a VM issue - you do know screen resolutions and mouse co-ordinates needs to be passed from the host to the VM in a cooked and translated manner. I am mentioning this because there are mouse acceleration issue with wine under mac os x too, the dev list of which I subscribe to but don't read every article.

    See if e.g. your problem improves if you connect your mac to a non-retinal conventional display like a overhead projector?
  • Hin-Tak LeungHin-Tak Leung Posts: 359
    The wine issue as I understand it seems to be that windows apps and mac os x apps treats high resolution displays differently. I.e. It is not a mouse issue but a "mouse co-ordinate (on the current display)" issue.
  • Interesting, thanks. I never work on my Mac's display, I always have had an external monitor hooked up. I was going to borrow a Windows laptop and see if it's Windows 10 that feels weird.
  • Belleve InvisBelleve Invis Posts: 269
    Well another problem is that OTM's many windows, like the glyph viewer's default size is too small under a high-DPI screen.
  • As an update, I tried an old laptop with Win7 on it and everything's cool. Win10 is weird. Enjoy your weekend.

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