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Just wondering if the kerning is ok for this logo [link1] and if there any letters that look off?  Also the client wants to drop the length of the middle horizontal bar on E, I was thinking if I did that it would add more space to E-T and make E look noticeably smaller I think...not sure. I don't think this is going to be noticeable but from a typedesign perspective I just want to make sure I'm not breaking any rules here by shortening it. I'm wondering if its okay to shorten it, if so how should I make up for the extra space as a result of shortening it? Should I just tighten E-T kerning and leave it at that or should I also do something about E's width now?

Thanks & appreciate any feedback!


  • The right side of «LOUIS» looks significantly tighter than the left to me.

    The /S strikes me as rather weird, but I assume that's intended to a certain degree. It might benefit from some optical correction in its top left corner. And maybe either make the radius of that corner a bit larger, or turn it into an actual angular corner...? Dunno.
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    Thanks @Christian Thalmann fixed the S like you suggested and it looks much better. Loosened kerning for UIS too. 
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