Reload after going back

When I'm on the iPhone, read a thread and then go back to the main list, the page reloads. That would be ok but doing so, the page scrolls up to the top of the page. That seems the be new (since a couple of weeks). 

This is very annoying. Could that be fixed. Either by disabling the reload or preserving the scroll position on reload. 


  • kupfers
    kupfers Posts: 259
    edited May 2016
    Thanks! I was wondering the same for the past couple of week but thought it’s related to the iOS rather than the site. (I would very much prefer no reload.) Did anything change at Typedrawers/Vanilla or was it the last iOS update? 
  • James Hultquist-Todd
    Interesting. As far as I know, nothing here has changed.
  • Paul van der Laan
    It’s not an iOS thing exclusively. I’ve noticed exactly the same behaviour with Safari on OSX for a few days.