Percentage of web sites that self-host web fonts versus sites that use a service

Two part question:
1) Does anyone have any stats or even an educated guess as to how many sites that use web fonts self-host as opposed to using a service?
(I'm going to try to run a custom query on http archive for this, but I don't know how successful I'm going to be so I'm hoping someone on this forum might have investigated this. 60% of web sites are currently using web fonts from one source or another.)

2) Outside of the major font services like Google Fonts and Typekit, who else is there left that's worth mentioning in an online article?
(Fontdeck and Extensis are out of or leaving the business.) 
I am assuming it's only "boutique" shops - yes?

Here's who I know about:

Webtype (Font Bureau)
Cloud Typography (Hoefler)

Is Adobe Edge Font a factor?
Anybody else I'm missing?



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