Outstanding typographic Copperplate interpretations?

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Hi there,

At the moment I am working in the revival of a rather orthodox model of copperplate. I am researching good typographic adaptations of the English Roundhand to see how every problem was dealt with.

Can you recommend any good (digitized or not) typographic 'copperplates' as reference? (Preferably conservative approaches to the classic english penmanship)

Thanks in advance.



  • "The Universal Penman" comes to mind but you probably have looked at that already.
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    Yes, I have several of the classic models. But I meant typographic versions, not models from copy books. I am interested in how the different problems you face when adapting the round hand to typography were dealt with.
  • Good question. There's a chapter in Lawson's Anatomy of a Typeface on script types but it's brief.
  • Bruce (New York, nineteenth century) specimens are packed with great copperplate scripts fonts. Bruce practically invented the genre.
  • I did this for Glamour magazine a few years ago:
  • Yes, one of Bruce's types is reproduced in the Lawson chapter. Those are great specimen books. I'm tempted to make that foundry my next topic of research.
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    If someone have a scan or PDF of these historical samples, please send me a copy.

    Some mostly contemporary I spotted:

    - FB Novia
    - Linotype Libelle
    - Linotype Copperplate
    - House Davison Spencerian
    - Kuenstler Script
    - Young Baroque
    - Ambassador Script
  • Here's a Bruce specimen on Google Books, though I don't know if it's high enough res for your needs.
  • Very nice stuff. Thanks!
  • Dave Peat of Indianapolis printed reproductions of selected pages from some early specimen books, including Bruce, a few years ago and may still have them available. His email at that time was typenut at comcast.net.
  • Not sure if they fit with the style you're seeking, but here are other contemporary copperplate scripts missing from your list:
    Bickham Script
    PF Champion Script
    Shelley Script
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    I always think of Copperplate Gothic as the copperplate typeface.
    I was going to say Sweet is, uh, sweet.
    How about this:image
    (Slightly higher resolution at my Pinterest site.)
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