TextPref seeking a type designer/engineer

The TextPref foundry is a leading specialist in brand typography. Our work helps us grasp the things we read, and remember who wrote them. Our logo work has put Honda, Cadillac, Saab and Land Rover on our roads, two Olympics on our screens and EE, 3 and Sky in our clouds.

TextPref is focused on creating typographic voice for the worlds biggest and best businesses. From the late Zaha Hadid to the Tate Gallery, our type has helped put clients at the heart of contemporary culture.

Now we're looking for a type designer to work with us in a GlyphsApp environment.
Tasks include drawing, proofing, testing, character set extension including Cyrillic, OT feature building, font file building and best practice research. The job is remote (work from wherever you are - Euro time zone most convenient), flexible time. Good organisational, communication (English) and self management skills necessary.

Design work is fully credited.

please email miles@textpref.com