Alternative implementations of DejaVu-style debugging glyphs

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Hello everyone,

inspired by the dynamic TrueType debugging glyphs of the DejaVu fonts, most notably U+F000, I have made an attempt to implement more efficient and versatile variants from scratch. Now, I would like to make them available for review, to anyone who is interested.
To maximize their usefulness, the implementations adhere to a few guiding principles, listed in the README.

Strokes - A reasonably efficient implementation that displays very clean digits.

Stacks - My most efficient implementation that still displays somewhat legible digits.

Showcase font, displaying MPPEM, MPS, and GETINFO values.

This project is available under the Free Public License (http://opensource.org/licenses/FPL-1.0.0), a human-readable equivalent to the CC0.


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    As a quick note, the unhinted contours are now moved slightly appart, to avoid warnings about intersections. This does not affect the hinted results. I also managed to further optimize the implementations by shaving off the breathtaking amount of 1 byte per program.
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