Fontself's submission feature

Looking at the Kickstarter page of Fontself, it seems to enable you to submit a typeface to commercial channels, just as easily as you can post a video on YouTube, it seems.

My question is, will a typeface made with Fontself (mainly designed to make ASCII set without kerning, etc.) ever pass the standard of those listed in the screenshot? Do you think any submission will actually be released? Even if a font passes initial review for its design, a designer who is only capable of Fontself cannot meet technical requirements that follow. And those who can are probably not using Fontself.

I haven't tested the released version so I cannot say if the feature in question exists now. I'm sorry of raising a moot discussion if that's absent.


  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 1,237
    Yeah, when I saw that I pictured the MyFonts staff running from the building, screaming.

    I like this project if it works as described. Color vector and bitmap font formats already exist but we need the demand for application support to really make it take off. When all these new color font designers start tweeting about how their favourite app only supports B&W vector fonts, maybe there'll be some motivation to get it fixed.

  • I like the project too, it looks easy and quick, and could be a big competitor to Glyphs Mini. I hope there'll be no option to submit the font if it's a raster one.
  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,883
    In a year every type designer's contact page will include "WE DO NOT FINISH FONTSELF PROJECTS, NO EXCEPTIONS!"
  • Yeah, when I saw that I pictured the MyFonts staff running from the building, screaming.

    It's gotta be a field day for Dafont, though.

  • Florian HardwigFlorian Hardwig Posts: 240
    edited March 2016
    I’d expect MyFonts to add Fontself to the list of explicitly disapproved tools soon, see ➋:
  • @Florian Hardwig 
    but their first line reads 'MyFonts takes originality very seriously', so I wouldn't take any of it very seriously.
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