Typeface Publishing Incentive Program (for students)


There is less than a week to apply for TypeTogether's typeface publishing program:

TypeTogether is pleased to announce the 3rd edition of the Typeface Publishing Incentive program, an initiative aimed at helping promising typeface design students develop their careers. Started in 2014, this annual program will support and offer guidance to [a] selected project[s]. The aim is to enable exceptional projects started during a course of study to be finalised and published commercially as soon as possible after the end of the course. The designer[s] whose project[s] is selected will receive feedback on their design and guidance towards completing the family on a commercial basis from the TypeTogether team. Additionally, a sum of money will be provided to allow the designer to continue working on the typeface after the course of study is over.

Key dates

All projects received by March 31, 2016 will be judged. 

Winner/s will be announced before May 1, 201

There is more information here.  

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