Hello. I'm a newbie typography enthusiast and this is my first attempt at creating a font.
This typography was designed initially as academic work, to compose a fashion catalog made with Amazonian materials. It does not have a good read on screen and be a little thinner is better in negative. Honestly I have no idea what is the level of use of this work. but any critique or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 1,356
    I think what you're attempting can't be developed on a computer. At least not by building it up from vectors and copying/pasting parts. This unstructured look will work when you develop it as a hand lettering style. As you keep using it, it'll evolve into something that feels natural and then you can build a typeface based on that.
  • Ofir ShavitOfir Shavit Posts: 371
    I would take Ray's advise on that, he's a master of fun type.

    But I want to say that there are quite a lot of features in your type I like very much...
    I think the /f is very expressive, in a good manner. The /b/p/d as well.
    As for the rest of the wavy vertical lines, having too much of it doesn't work well, I think you should either straighten them up or try waving them in another manner/direction. If you'll look at an Amazonian forest you will see that the branches don't wave in the same direction ;)
    The /e is adorable, and the /a is cool too. The /ff /fi /if ligatures are great (the /fl less).
    The upper-case set is less good than the lower case and it is condensed while the lowercase are at normal width and I think it doesn't match well.
    The /g is foreign and the /N is disturbing me a bit.
    You have a lot of work here on spacing, balancing letter width, consistency of stroke width and many other things I didn't mention.

    It is a big challenge for a first font. I'd recommend to keep on working on it only for a while, then practising the basics of type design on a standard Roman typeface and then getting back to it.
  • Thank you for the tip Ray Larabie, just stayed with some doubts with the terminology, I apologize for the ignorance, but this saying to start the project left a lettering design handmade? or speak to me grab a marker and try to play typography like to handscript?
  • Thanks for the help Ofir Shavit. I realized that will really give so much work and I will follow your advice for time to try something more regular.
    The upper-case Set are the oldest part of the font, unless modified, less improved, it takes me to drop something like that, but I admit I was starting and displease the / N.
    When you say it would be a good idea to change the direction of the wave, is talking to switch to horizontal bars, like to / z / Z / L / T ...

  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 1,356
    Yes, I think you should develop it as a style handwriting. Later, you can use this writing style to develop a typeface. As you practice, the letters will look more natural. Then you can develop a typeface.
  • Ofir ShavitOfir Shavit Posts: 371
    rafaeiro said:
    ... is talking to switch to horizontal bars, like to / z / Z / L / T ...
    No, instead of 1 try 2. But you have to be careful, use many straights too.

  • Improve the shape of the wave seems to me the best option, the waves are even attributed to water waves or own course of the river, half the amazon is river (not literally: P) Even the name of this project was initially milk river, reference to latex benefited traditionally, the main material of the catalog in this project.
  • Ofir ShavitOfir Shavit Posts: 371
    Ok. At the moment to me it looks like a Photoshop Liquefy brush applied to the text.
  • I'll post here also the changes made in my type. As the project is in very changed decide to drop the name. Now called Anfíbia. Well I took vacation from college to give a finished this project. I imagine missing much to be final, but I arrived at a point where I can not go it alone. I would give help and criticism of you over typography.

    from now I appreciate the help and critical of you.

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