ATypI 2016 Warsaw Call for Presentations Open Through March 31

ATypI invites submissions of presentations, demonstrations, and workshops for our upcoming conference in Warsaw, Poland, September 13–17, 2016. Submissions will be accepted until March 31, 2016.


The theme of ATypI’s 2016 conference is “Convergence”. The wider design world and mainstream channels increasingly recognise typeface design as a fundamental element in communication, with profound implications for learning, work, and entertainment. We invite attendees to explore the ways in which the typographic community is advancing the field and shaping the future of our interactions with text.

Presenting your talk

We call for presentations that are informative, engaging, and inspiring; we actively seek topics that will provoke debate and contribute to the ATypI spirit of collegial dialogue and exchange. We expect scholarly subjects to be communicated with enthusiasm, and the most entertaining presentation to have a solid intellectual underpinning.

We are not merely looking for academic papers to be read aloud—we seek talks that are visually rich and compelling; fascinating and thought provoking. Along with welcoming seasoned presenters, we are committed to showcasing new voices—newcomers are encouraged to submit proposals.

Slots are available for workshops, demos, and tutorials (Tuesday), presentations in the type education, technology, and business forums (Wednesday); and presentations and panel discussions during the general session (Thursday–Saturday).

We are using Dryfta to manage our submissions and review process this year. Please visit for instructions, then sign up for a user account. Once you're logged in, click SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT to create and submit your presentation proposal.

Visit for further information on our Warsaw conference, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and conversation.