Amal by Plu Victorien

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Has anyone else looked at Amal, a new Arabic-inspired calligraphic face by Plu Victorien? It appears to be his first typeface.The design is fresh and innovative with an undercurrent of erudition. It seems to combine latin art deco upright calligraphy with a very fine Diwani. Amal has the kind of class and reverence rarely seen in a hybrid script; in that way it reminds me of Legende.


  • Haven't looked too carefully at it. At first blush there might be some legibility issues:
    The /g/ doesn't work for me either. But maybe there's more appropriate criteria for judging than I'm using.
  • At first blush there might be some legibility issues:
    There are definitely some legibility issues. I meant to bring that up in my first post but a man bearing sashimi rang my doorbell. But I can live with legibility issues in a good display face; they haven’t stopped anybody from using blackletter.
  • Well, they haven't stopped everybody from using blackletter.
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