Morison, Aldus, and Garamont.

Numerous historians reprint the supposed fact that, in the 1540s, Garamont cut romans Estienne, and that said romans were based on the De Aetna types. Those who expound claim that this is proven by seven of the eight variants Griffo cut appearing in the Garamont types. Nobody actually cites a source, but The Encyclopedia of Typefaces claims Morison proved it. Does anybody know the title of the essay in which Morison explained this?


  • I don't know if it can be 'proved' but have you taken a close look to De Aetna's types? They look very very similar to some of the types Garamont and Granjon cut. 
  • I’m not in disagreement with Morison’s assessment. I just want to know what essay it was in. Morison wrote a great deal and not all of it is easy to find.
  • I have around 4 books by Morrison. I will take a look during the week to see if I can find this reference.
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