Edward Johnston's Birthday!


On this day, in 1872 my biggest inspiration Edward Johnston, was born here in San Jose, Uruguay.

This song from Browning's Paracelsus was the first words he was ever commissioned back in 1898 by Leathaby. Here are some words you won't find online:

"Life is the thing we all want and it is the desire for life that is behind all religion and art. I do not care what nation the art belongs to, or to what 'school' as long as it is alive. (...) our aim should be, I think, to make letters live —we can bring life to our poor letters— not merely for the sake of art, not to make advertisement of them, not for the sake of their beauty, but that men themselves have more life".


Personally he has been one of my most important icons. After reading his biography (written by his daughter Priscilla) I found out that we share many things in common: the passion for letterforms, our personality, and even life events (although I don't share his talent and perseverance).

So Happy B! :)