Transliteration Character Table

In specific transliteration, I've yet to come across a comprehensive table of characters – that includes multiple standards. Is there anything like this already available? (Wikipedia is good, but limited by writing system). Linked below is an sample that I'm working on, with IJMES as a starting point (Arabic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish).

Any comments or tips would be amazing. I'm aware there must be a body of resources out there, but it's often difficult to know where to start. If there are some good things available, I'll happily use those instead. :smile: Thanks in advance!

1) Any critiques, incl. vocabulary / useful fields?
2) Are there any good resources you'd recommend? For example…
  • Transliteration standards / tables
  • Unicode tables, incl. component characters
  • Similar tools / tables
3) Would anyone find this useful to have available?


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