aalt feature in FL Studio 5.1.2

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I just updated to the newest Fontlab Studio version last week. I went to compile the features in a font I had been working on. I already knew the language warning would come up, but didn't expect to see warnings about my use of the aalt feature. Here is one:
[WARNING] feature 'liga', referenced in aalt feature, either is not defined or had no rules which could be included in the aalt feature.
It still compiles, but what has changed that the aalt feature is no longer applicable? Doesn't defining features there cause the glyph palette in Adobe apps to have sub-menus for selected glyphs?


  • I don’t believe that GSUB lookup type 4 (i.e., many-to-one) can be interpreted as part of {aalt} since it isn’t a one-to-one alternate mapping. That’s probably what is meant by the second half of the warning explanation.
  • Looked at another way, in terms of the glyph palette — when you hover over the f, you don’t really expect to see f-ligatures offered as alternates for f anyway, do you? That wouldn’t really make sense, would it?
  • Makes sense. Thanks/
  • Make sure that's not the newest mac version they released last week then recalled.
  • They have relinked the Build 4631 as it only affects users on 10.6.x. Users on 10.7 and 10.8 are OK and can use the Build. The problem is that Python scripting is not working on 10.6.
  • I updated my Mac to Mountain Lion so I had to update FL just to get it to work.
  • I'll stay with Snow Leopard for the foreseeable future. It still runs Illustrator 10 which was the last application that supported MM sliders. Cannot work without that!
  • Out of curiosity, what do you use that for (MM in Illustrator)?
  • During development I build MM fonts in FL and then export MM Type1 Suitcases and then proof the various weighs and widths via the sliders in Illustrator 10.

    I know that if I specify enough discreet instances in the MM font they will work in InDesign, but I like the freedom of the sliders in Illustrator 10.
  • I updated to 10.8 and after lot of rebuilding and reistaling from Python to Robofab - FLS buid 4447 is only which works.
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