replace letters with OT feature

A specific problem: In cases where the letters 'rn' meets in words, I want to replace the 'n' with an alternate one.
And I can do so with this script:

feature calt {

  sub r n' by n.ss01;

} calt;

But: I also want the opportunity to replace 'n' with some familiar accents-glyphs like napostrophe, ntilde, nacute, ncaron, ncommaaccent. In the same script.
Of course, I can make a lot of ligatures in the font, but I prefer not to do so.
In advance, thanks so much for helping!


  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,471
    edited February 2016
    Just need to something like this:

    sub r [n napostrophe ntilde ncaron ncommaaccent]' 
       by [n.ss01 napostrophe.ss01 ntilde.ss01 ncaron.ss01 

    The bracketed parts can be replaced by classes optionally.
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