A Database of American Typeface Design Patents (1842-1899)



This is a visual online representation of the »Database of American Typeface Design Patents« database.
In the Nineteenth Century, many American typefounders sought to protect their type designs with US "design" patents. These patents are useful sources for researching American type designs, but they present a difficulty because they do not include the commercial name of the typeface as it was issued. The database published here links the basic patent information (number, date, etc.) with the typeface names. It was compiled by the late Jane W. Roberts and put into publishable form by Saxe, and published by Dr. David M. MacMillan over here
Additions made to the online version: Preview images/thumbnails have been cropped manually to show most of the original design where possible. Designer names have been normalized to allow filtering by designer. Bug submission or suggestion are welcome: lars.schwarz at fontdata.com.


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