What is 'Date of publication' [in different awards/ exhibitions/ events]

In almost all of the awards there's a mentioned date of publication or a fact of publication of typeface. It seemed to me that in typedesign its double meaning thing (or it is so for me): Date of publication any info (or graphic content) about the typeface or putting it on a site where you can buy it?

And additional question if I posted something on Behance about my typeface then I can't take part in an event which take only non published ones?

PS I'm a new member and natively non-english speaking. So sorry if It sounds a bit stupid.


  • Craig Eliason
    I think publication usually means release date (for sale or use by others). And thus posting sneak peeks online wouldn't count as "publishing" the typeface.
    Of course it's not a bad idea to contact the people running the contest for clarification.
  • John Hudson
    John Hudson Posts: 3,060
    I agree with Craig: publication of a typeface is the date of release, or of first published use in the case of a custom/proprietary typeface. Even when there has been something like a public beta, I record the date of publication as the release of the first official non-beta version.
  • Azamat Kodzoev
    Craig, John, Thank you so much.