Monotype Introduces New Font Subscription Services



  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,380
     ...collective where they can work independently and retain more of their fees.

    Gee, that sounds familiar.
  • Hey everyone, I have been out of the type loop for a bit, just getting back into it a little. My comment is purely from the point of view of a customer. I have not bought a font for about 12 months. The main reason is that with my Adobe CC subscription, what TypeKit offers is generally enough, when combined with fonts I had purchased in years gone by. My workplace (I'm an in-house designer for a non-profit) has a custom typeface (created by
    @Neil Summerour) which I use 80% of the time, I heavily use fonts by
    @James Puckett (which are usually beta versions I am testing, or did test) and we have quite a few of the House Ind collections, as they offered a great cost/user ratio for our team. 

    For my personal work as a board game creator, I have been increasingly using TypeKit fonts for projects as when dealing with publishers it's pretty easy for us all to use the same fonts for projects without having to license extra fonts and increase the production costs. Having said that, my main publisher has licensed some type for at least one project because of my suggestion that it suited better than what was on TypeKit or Google Fonts. 

    I realise that most of your customers are not in my situation. But I feel like I have transition from a type 'power user' or 'compulsive user' (I once licensed Alright Sans years ago on a whim because
    @Jackson Cavanaugh put a FB post up saying he wanted to buy pizza or something) to the type of user who just uses type to get the job done. I am much less worried about finding new or different fonts these days. Quality still matters to me, but even then, price, ease of access and overall tone are big factors. 
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