Hebrew Letter Characters Drawn In Souvenir Style

Hello, y’all!

I’d like to draw the set of Hebrew script letter characters—the 22 regular forms, the 5 sofith final forms, the ligatures, and any alternate forms—in the general style of the font typeface Souvenir, an Ed Benguiat design from the mid-1970s.

Should I (1) use the closest Latin/Roman letter forms to be redrawn as Hebrew letters, or (2) have the newly-drawn Souvenir-style Hebrew characters pencilled and penned onto graph paper for scanning-in onto the PC (in a suitable graphics format)?!  The vowel poinnts and cantillation signs can be constructed from glyph primitives, since doing those are much easier than would be the Hebrew letters.

THE SET OF HEBREW CHARACTERS (outside of vowel points and cantillation signs):

אבגדהוזחטיכךלמםנןסעפףצץקרשת    וו וי יו יי ﭏ



  • María Ramos
    Every script has its own peculiarities and to reuse letterforms from one script to create another one is usually a bad idea. In Hebrew letters are reversed-contrast compared to Latin letters, the weight is in the horizontal strokes. 
    My advice is that you should define the design features of Souvenir (endings and joints of the strokes, proportions…). You have to find the way to capture the essence of that typeface and translate it into a different form.