Microsoft Font Validator adds SVG checking, 2nd mac os release

Hin-Tak Leung
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Compared to the last (2016-01-06), there are many Mac OS friendly improvements on the native executable. Also for the first time since being open-sourced, new tests are added: 6 tests on SVG table are added, which makes the total number of tests 200 now. There is also a new SVGInfo tool, which can pretty-print SVG table data for further detailed manual examination.

It does a fairly comprehensive checking of the SVG table, and support transparent decompression of the SVG data, as well as trying to load them as XML to check for syntax errors.

Also minor addition to supporting newer GDEF table.

Please do make a donation ( if you find this useful. I am still exploring how this might continue. It does take a good amount of effort and time.