The default line height in OSX fontbook

Recently someone reported that Iosevka's line height is inconsitent among weights, however the metrics in `hhea` and `OS/2` table are exactly same within all the subfamilies I provided.

It it means that there are still some undiscovered parameters which decides the line height?

TTF files :


  • The vertical metrics info in both the regular and bold font files is indeed identical.

    I have seen this before and TBH I have no clue what is causing the different display in Font Book. It looks like a cosmetic issue to me and one can at least circumvent it by adding NameID 19 to the naming table.

    Although actually the same effect shows up in the example above, it is less obvious than in the standard font overview.
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 2,144
    I’m guessing it’s your bounding boxes.
    Some layout apps use the top of the bounding box to position type.
    Often, characters like Aring will be taller in the Bold.

  • @LeMo aka Frank E Blokland 

    After changing the hhea.descent to the "real" descender (-205) the problem is solved. But... Why OS X increases line height?
  • Definitely having this problem... Checked in OTMaster, all table values are the same. Custom text string in the name table.

    Can't for the life of me figure out why weights have different line heights?!
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