How do you convert webfont?


I wonder how do you convert OTF/TTF to WOFF and/or other formats such as EOT, SVG etc...? I tried online tools such as Fontsquirrel, and everything fonts, and TransType4 but these tools are having problems with converting. Often they produce outline problems. I might use TTFautohint but after this I have no idea how to produce a webfont with minimum outlines problem.

So I make this thread to ask about your methods. Thank you!


  • Jasper de Waard
    Normally fontsquirrel works fine. What kind of outline problems are you experiencing?
  • Jason Campbell
    There are lots of other ways to convert to web font formats, but if the methods you mention produce problems, then likely either something's wrong with your source outlines, or perhaps you're introducing problems by autohinting your fonts. 
  • Erwin Denissen
    It might help if you provide some more information,.

    For example what is your definition of outlines problems? Do you see the same issues in IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari?

    Also let us know the input format as well as the output format. Do both contain TrueType based outlines?