Small Cap Ligatures overide

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Help! I'm developing a font in Fontlab Studio, and now run into ligatures and small caps related OpenType-coding problem.
Testing my font, the ligatures override the small caps. In a text set in small caps the ligatures won't change to small caps.
I'm pretty sure I've done this before, but now I cannot make it work.


  • One way to fix this is to move your ligature feature so it's after the small caps feature. Features are executed in the order you place them in the font.
  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 2,815
    Features are executed in the order you place them in the font.
    Technically, lookups are executed in the order you place them in the font, but for typical Latin fonts feature ordering and lookup ordering tend to be the same.

  • Thank you! I tried this but I guess cpu font cache fooled me. Forgot to test in Fontlab preview...
  • The font cache was not created with font development in mind. You can get around it by changing the name of your font with each version you generate and want to test. I usually append a letter to the name of the font, but numbers will also work. A nice thing about this approach is that you can compare different versions side by side in apps. When everything is working and you're ready to generate your final fonts, delete the extra character(s) from the name.
  • Mark, the name changing is an excellent idea! Will do that from now on. Until now I've cleared the cache using Ccleaner, the tip I got from someone at Typophile a while back. The problem is, that it fails every now and then. Why, no idea.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I use the same version control / naming control as Mark and use a robofont script to handle it.
  • Font Nuke used to be crucial to my process, but required a restart everytime it's used. Somehow I found a process using a 3rd party font management app where I could simply overwrite a previous font version then deactivate/activate said font and it would properly update without any cache problems.

    Why not just use RoboFont Test Install? I've found once a new version is installed over the previous, any live documents will update with the new version immediately.
  • Agree, RoboFont Test Install is great in this context. Personally I’ve not had any font-cache issues since.
  • As does Suitcase Fusion.
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