My no-curves face, now with lighter weight


Hi everyone:

I got some critique a few months back on another thread about a display face I’ve been working on… I wanted to start a fresh thread since it’s changed a fair amount from where it started — and because I’d especially like some feedback on the Light weight that I’ve added.

It's a display sans with no curves, but with some asymmetry (i.e., not the sports-y, college-font look) and with a hint of blackletter influence (though I’ve toned that down a bit as I’ve gone along). Right now I’m working on the lighter weight and tying to make sure it “feels right” alongside the bold. What do you think?


  • Thomas Phinney
    That works surprisingly well.  :)

    It's interesting that some things that are more on the grid horizontally in the light go a bit more skewed in the bold. I'm looking at the top of the e, and top and bottom of the o. I think that you could add those same askew elements to the light and it would look more lively and less static.
  • Austin Stahl
    Thanks, Thomas! I think you're right — the angles are more similar in some letters than in others, and probably could be more consistent.