OTMaster: Can I dump all features and replace them with a feature file?

Can I dump all features in a font and replace them with a feature file? From reading the manual I think not, but this seems like an obvious use of OTM, so I’m asking.


  • Hi James,

    TBH, it’s not completely clear to me what you want to do. Can you eleborate a bit?

  • Hi James,

    Although I’m not sure whether I understand your question completely, I will try to answer it here.

    OTM can be used to cut, copy, and paste tables. One can export the OT Layout features present in a font into a features file, and compile a features file into binary tables. The latter works always if the AFDKO syntax has been correctly followed (if not, the error log is quite detailed) –even if the features are not (fully) covered by the character set, because of the built-in subsetting. At DTL we use a large ‘default’ features file for the generation of all retail fonts.

    Does this help?

  • Can you eleborate a bit?

    The mark features Glyphs adds to a font I’m working on break kerning. I don’t need the features and it seems like the easiest way to fix it would be to open the TTF file and replace the extant features with the a feature file containing the same features minus the mark features.

  • You could export the features from OTM then, remove the stuff in question and subsequently recompile the updated features file in OTM.
  • Thanks, Frank.
  • In Glyphs you can remove features before exporting fonts. You just need to set a custom parameter in the instance info:

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