Short notice: Ampersand conference on Friday 13th with 15% off for Typedrawers

I can't believe I didn't mention it here earlier, but Ampersand, the typography conference I run, is happening next Friday 13th November in Brighton, UK.

The conference features familiar some faces in Indra Kupferschmid, Bruno Maag, Nick Sherman as well as expert others from the joint worlds of typography and web design. These including Marcin Wichary talking about the typography of Medium, and Matt Young - designer of Pelican books on and offline.

Full details are at
Use the discount code 'typedrawers' to get 15% off any ticket.

Hope to see you in Brighton next week!


PS. Thanks to Typekit, Hoefler & Co, Mark Simonson and Sketch for splendid support!


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