Licensing for high volume print

I need to sell a license for the use of our fonts in high volume print environments. An example of this would be a print system using IBM's Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS). These systems are used for printing customer facing documents  - statements, invoices, direct mail, labels, etc.

Sometimes these systems require the conversion of the font into a native format, like AFP.
Does anyone have an example of such a license, or experience of licensing fonts for these systems?


  • We sell lots of these Miles at Font Bros - Do you have a sense of volume and desired term of use?
  • yes, I expect to license 20 systems on a annual basis.
  • We have a license we use for this we developed called Hosted Impressions which essentially allows them to use the fonts to generate custom printed items for a fixed term. It's essentially a monthly fee but a minimum 12 month requirement and requires an annual renewal.

    Structurally that's what you'd likely be looking for and if they wanted to pay one time it's simply a multiple of the annual fee.
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