Capital Spacing

With the cpsp feature, if I have lining figures as default, should I include them in this feature or not? I'm not sure if users apply cpsp globally or selectively. Wouldn't want default lining figures set outside of all caps setting to increase spacing if that is not the intention. Maybe this is why some people don't include this feature?


  • I don’t implement CPSP because I don’t think that most users know how to use CPSP and might be confused when activating it unintentionally. This is really a UI/UX issue—software tends to only activate CPSP when users click a button to capitalize text, but there’s no feedback to indicate that the spacing changed or CPSP is active, and there’s no CPSP option in most OpenType menus. I wouldn’t include figures in CPSP for a similar reason—users who hit a button to capitalize text are unlikely to understand why the spacing of the numbers changes.
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 1,954
    I never include this feature.

    I disagree with the premise of the feature tag definition, that “When capitals are used for words, they need more space between them for legibility and esthetics.”

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