A "Font Production" room?

Ramiro EspinozaRamiro Espinoza Posts: 809
Hi! I can't find a room dedicated to font production at TypeDrawers. Since the "Build" room at Typophile has always been a very valuable resource for a lot of people, can a similar space be created here?
Thanks in advance.


  • There is always the "Critiques" forum!
  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,764
    Is there some reason that font production discussions cannot go in the “Software” section?
  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,333
    I would think Technique and Theory, as it seems like a "technique" topic.
  • Well, it is not the same. What about kerning lists and methods? Or design standards for foreign diacritics? Or encoding policies? Or glyph naming issues? Or production workflows? Or font format specifications? This technicalities deserve a special section that is different than the one used for exchanging experiences about font software.
  • "Technique and Theory" is a sub section of "Lettering and calligraphy". I don't think 'font production' would fit.
  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,333
    It's also a subsection of "Typeface Design".
  • @Mark, Oh, you are right. Huummmm... I still don't know but maybe I'm being a bit stubborn :).
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Ok, that will be the place of my future technical questions. Deal.
  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,764
    Let’s just keep production in the “Technique and Theory” and “Software” categories for now. If a large volume of production posts start to appear I will add a category later.
  • Less categories, please. I'm already confused.
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