Font-specific emoji

Is this a thing? *when* will this become a thing? Who doesn't want a Garamond :taco: or a Gotham :heart eyes:? I feel like this would've made a great Typophile battle, back in the day.


  • I think it should start with @James Edmondson and his Hobeaux.
  • I have been trying this lately, and it hilariously involves some of the biggest glyph files I’ve ever done (one is 172 kB — it’s basically an etching). It’s not exactly worth it to have my fun emoji take up 80% of the final (very extensive) font, but it’s really fun to draw.
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    With ~1000 emoji, patchy support for color fonts in OS's, apps and tools, and a limited market right now, I think it will be a while, but it will come in time as emoji are the natural evolution of language. :D
  • emoji are the natural evolution of language.

    Or devolution.

  • First, I think we should properly speak of a general signage, public signage or pictographs. The so-called Emoji form but a small part of the (much larger) charater sets in question.

    Second, for me the adaption of public signage sets to the style of a specific typeface is ‘a thing’ for many years already. Just to name two of them, Andron Publix, Arthur ornaments.
  • We've all seen this, yes?
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