Robofont Harmonizer

Is there any comparable extension that does what RMX Tools Harmonizer does for Robofont? I'm looking to integrate Robofont into my workflow soon and it's the one macro from Fontlab that doesn't seem to have an equal in Robofont.



    Speedpunk is a visualizer working on the same principle but doesn't magically adjust your curves. Which is a good thing because RMX and Speedpunk use mathematical principles that don't necessarily result in optically correct or conceptually appropriate curves. Depending on the design, they can actually result in flat, tensionless forms. Not to mention it's against the Robofont Magna Carta to have magic buttons.
  • Maybe @Jens Kutilek’s Robofont (and Glyphs) Extension Curve Equalizer can be helpful to you.
  • Jackson, yeah I use it selectively, mostly to smooth out anything that's crude and preliminary, but also occasionally as a quick gut check. I usually revert the changes it makes and apply my own, but it's a quick way to get another take on a set of curves. I could probably live without it just as easily, though now that I think about it.
  • Thanks Benedikt, I actually have that, just haven't messed with it. Looks like it's similar enough, could be useful.
  • Curve EQ works great for that, specially because there is a range of options to choose from when the menu comes up
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