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Hi All!

For those of you who missed my talk at Typecon, I was pleased to announce a collaborative new project I'm participating in called TypeSnitch. Please take a look at the site and participate, donate and help spread the word: http://www.typesnitch.com



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    Thanks Stuart!
  • 68% and closing!
  • Great stuff!
  • I pushed it to 73%. ;-)
  • Thanks Erich!

    83% Nearly There! Help us push it through 100% Please spread the word and encourage fellow font designers to particiate!

    Thank you!
  • I'm in. (Though the crawl bar's at 62% for some reason.)

    Thanks for getting this going, Stuart.
  • Thanks Max! Btw, it IS fully funded for round one, so we added a second round of funding for future development!
  • Thought it might be that.
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    Is this working for webfonts? What I mean, can (mis)use of self hosted webfonts be spotted with this service? I’m talking about some sort of search functions that goes through CSS-code to find font names in the CSS.
  • This is something we may roll out in the next phase of the service once we get the first part working well. Otherwise, I do know of another group who's developed a web font sniffing engine that can tell when a font was converted with Font Squirrel and shouldn't have been.
  • For those of us that weren't at Typecon (I can't seem to find any videos from the conference online, which is a shame), I'm still left wondering about some of the specifics of the project.

    What are the "popular sources" that are being targeted? Is it mostly torrent sites? File sharing services? To that extent, is there much that can be done for private torrent trackers and the ilk?

    I'd also like to know who specifically is working on this. The teaser site is a bit vague. :)

    What's the timeframe like for launch?
  • Hi Jack,

    I'm working with Grant to get the audio recordings to I can sync them to my keynote but I'm told the audio requires some scrubbing to remove the ambient noise before I'm able to do this. I will of course release this once I receive them from him . . .

    If you look at the original TypeSnitch post in the Champagne room entitled Piracy Policing Policies, it explains that its more important to target would-be customers of the fonts rather than straight-up pirates who will use the torrent sites and similar.

    The primary goal is to assure a Google search for a font name goes to all the locations it can be purchased from rather then all the places it can be freely downloaded. As the system gets built and released, it will be improved and expanded to include searches for things like illegally converted web fonts and the like and may extend into the Apps world but for now the core effort is focusing on search engine results and take-downs of illegally posted commercial fonts.

    Beyond that, the ambiguity of the effort is intentional so that no individual becomes a target of a response from the piracy community. I can tell you I'm a promoter of the idea and have contributed to it and am in communication with the developers. Beyond that, as far as timeframes, etc it is primarily the developers schedule and I can say anybody who has contributed will be kept up to date on this via community mailings and a site forum.
  • "Ambient noise" is putting it mildly. It's my fault, sorry!
  • What is the current state of development, please?
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    Stuart has been on vacation lately, I’m not sure when he gets back. I’ve let him know people are asking about TypeSnitch.
  • Hi All!

    I've returned from my travels and have connected with the developer Mark Fox regarding the status of TypeSnitch. He will be posting to the TypeSnitch MiniGroup in the coming days with some exciting updates for the backers.

    Thanks for your continued patience!
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    It was announced today that the project has been cancelled.
  • Not at all Ray . . . We simply went in a different direction and parted company with Mark Fox but the toolset is actually fully working . . .
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    That's great news, Stuart.
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