Ok, I accidentally blew up the posts in the old general forum.

So when I started rearranging the forum to match the proposed type and lettering focused site I made a mistake and all but one post got deleted. I’m working on it.


  • All that knowledge and history, lost to the ether! Ha ha. Good thing you learned that now, and not any time after it gets traction.
  • I don’t think those posts can be recovered. From what I can tell when I deleted the General Typography board it did not really go away. So when I tried to restore the posts to announcements, only the rules post reappeared, and everything else went back to the quasi-existant General discussion. When recreated the Typography Category the old General discussion reappeared, but without the posts. And the posts do not exist in the change log any more. It’s very confusing.
  • Kent LewKent Lew Posts: 905
    So, I’m guessing you never made a backup of the database? Tsk tsk.

    Oh well.
  • Yeah, I kind of forgot to read the documentation about exporting and importing the DB first. And I broke the important rule about not making major changes to a live DB site during the middle of the day. In the future I will refrain from using administrator powers after the baby kept me up until 3:30 am.
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