Noticeably Absent from TypeCon



  • Stephen Coles
    James, I’d love to hear more about your indicators for the waning interest in typography. I see the opposite.
  • Deleted Account
    "Translators for Berlowese exist?!"

    People of other languages are less accommodate-able at typecon than English speakers, and listeners. I think typecon was founded in Boston, so it could be much much worse, but our industry has changed from a simple "international" one (meaning the quaint old NATO script market), to a really  "global" thing, including dead and dying scripts and new ones every few years, and of course, the languages they represent. Is there someone out there who has never been to a conference of any kind and so doesn't understand that? Discussion of actionable items can commenceelsewhere. Unless I am mistaken, several people have mentioned the need for child care, to enable parents to participate as speakers and listeners remote from their homes. Is there some question an the clarity of that issue?  So actionable items can be discussed with Google. There are type audiences and design audiences, conferences by neutral organizations and by businesses, some put forth by volunteers and others by professionals. In practice a lot of those parameters are mixed. But I think, the conferences of the future that are put on by volunteers in neutral organizations, which include voluntary funding and support by people like you, and me, are not going to easily compete for speakers or audiences with the Internet or the professionally organized corporate conferences, unless, I can come to future conferences like Denver, and listen to people expressing themselves and their work in their own languages, perhaps after passing some sort of playroom for 'kids only', where  Dr. Crossland is teaching corporate logo design. I hope that is clearer.
  • Nick Shinn
    Nick Shinn Posts: 2,160
    Thanks for the kind mention, James. It takes me a lot of time to put together a talk, and I can only really justify that by using each as an opportunity to investigate in depth a topic that interests me, and understand it better by having to explain it to others.

    But I am able to “amortize” the cost by giving the same talk at different conferences. “The Look of Sound” was originally made at TYPO San Francisco, for which I received payment and expenses, and so it might be said that TYPO subsidized the talk’s subsequent presentation at TypeCon.