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Last week in Lisbon I came across this little french lettering book for stitching.

I know there is quite some books out there on this matter. On of the most awesome ones I saw was actually presented to me by Erik van Blokland during a class in Type and Media, which I found a PDF online

Does anyones know of some other nice books out there on this matter? 

Thank you very much in advance.


  • Stephen ColesStephen Coles Posts: 957
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    I've got a great one at home in Oakland that I'll post images from after TypeCon. Edit: oops, no, that’s in the PDF you linked above.
  • Very interesting, thank you all for sharing/posting 
  • That’s a great sweater, Tânia. :smile:
    You mean the “Letterlap” essay? I just checked and it looks like it’s German only, sorry.
    For literature and especially also specimens themselves I think there is still a lot of “hidden” material to be found in local/specific contexts… probably lots to be rediscovered in the strange crafty corners of strange used bookshops in all corners of the world.
  • Yes, that is why I decided to ask around here. To see if more people had some gem around in their bookshelf, or in boxes. :)
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    T, I got one to share too -- I just have to get the title... and I just realized it was already shared...

  • Such lovely examples! There's an amazing history to samplers, too, in terms of them being records of births in households.
  • Not a full alphabet because my mom can't find the pattern book, but I couldn't not share this cross-stitch she made for me when I was little. Very hearts very flowers. 

  • I have this one book – fairly similar to the PDF that's linked above, but it doesn't have as many cool sample alphabets. It has more overviews to misc embroidery topics.

  • Tânia! You have the best mother in law ever. I covet that sweater. Is it something that was mass-produced, or did she make it? If it was a commercial thing, I would buy it in a heartbeat.
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    Michael Twyman brings out a pretty large collection of the Sajou books for one of his sessions with the MATD students. I can dig up photographs of those if you'd like. Also, have you seen “A Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers” by Elsie Svennas? Lots of lettering patterns in that! It is available as a scanned PDF here.

  • Hey @Pooja Saxena, yes this book is really great. I also linked to it on my first post. :)
  • @Dan Reynolds the sweater has a label, Betty Barclay. Which I found online, but this sweater was from Frank’s mom when she was younger. So I don’t think you will be able to find it anymore. :) I also have a not so awesome as this one sweater with stitched Cooper Black capitals on it. But it is now saved until winter. 
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