Feature 'kern' causes overflow in fontlab

Hello everyone

When I try to export a font in FontLab I get this error:

"GPOS feature 'kern' causes overflow of offset to a subtable"

Someone can help me or guide me about this error and how can I fix.



  • Adam TwardochAdam Twardoch Posts: 503
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    The easiest way to optimize your kerning so it fits into the limitations of the OpenType font format is to use the KLTF Make Kern Feature script: http://kltf.de/kltf_otproduction.shtml
  • Karsten’s macro is just fine, but the FDK script should solve the subtable overflow, too: WriteFeaturesKernFDK.py
  • Ramiro EspinozaRamiro Espinoza Posts: 819
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    Every time I had this problem I solved it with KLTF's script. Only one thing: Don't forget to name your left and right kerning classes in a very consistent way so the script can recognize them, otherwise it will crash.
  • Kent LewKent Lew Posts: 905
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    The FDK script can work well if the issue is primarily related to large multi-script data and if you set up your classes to fit the recommended schema.

    However, I think Karsten’s script (linked by Adam) is much more calculating and robust in its approach to assembling the subtables and optimizing PairPos1 and PairPos2 tables. As a result, it works more reliably with a broader range of kern data and approaches, especially when the underlying cause is not necessarily multi-script.
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  • Kent LewKent Lew Posts: 905
    Indeed, he should make sure that all of his kerning data is necessary and important. In my experience, kern overflow issues are often just a symptom of bad data or inefficient structuring. It’s good to address the root cause first.

    But wouldn’t duplicate glyphs in kerning classes yield a different error than “overflow”?
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  • Hello everyone, thanks for your comments.

    Download the "KLTF Check Kern Classes" plugin. I have actually duplicates kerning pairs.

    The problem arose from doubling glyphs superscript letters A to Z, to make the subscript, my idea was to use the same glyphs and just move them down.

    The ying yang symbol in "Kerning Assistance" says "No errors found".

    I did an experiment, delete all kerning pairs of type and even so, the error continues.

    Any idea why this happens?
  • The Yin Yang algorithm is not perfect. As far as I can remember if you have a glyph repeated in the same class this issue is not detected and cause compilation problems.
    Also sometimes the Yin Yang icon does not detect mistakes **if there are not kerning pairs using this class**. 
    I usually check which is the glyph mentioned in the traceback message, save the classes, and inspect this class file with a good text editor, using the search function.
  • @Christoph Koeberlin  Can you explain me how to use the FDK script 'WriteFeaturesKernFDK.py ?
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    Sorry @Ramiro Espinoza , never used it. But surely @Frank Grießhammer can help!
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