How to make a dynamic/responsive typeface?

Thales Teodoro
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Hi, it is my first post, so if I chose the wrong category, sorry.
Anyway, recently I get my design degree and with it the insecure of what pursuit. I had work experience in web development, UX and frontend development and typography classes that I made a really bad font, part because of my “newbieness” and little time to actually make the font. This past made me really like things that are visual and with coded interactions, and in my little world, I never had even imagined that fonts could be awesome for that, until a few day ago when watching a talk the gay told about dynamic fonts, that shrinks at the end edge of the page or even self-censorships. Pretty impressive to me, so this turns into an exhausting search for a font demo and some tutorials but I fail. Hope that you know something about it.

Thanks for all the help, and sorry my bag English, is my second language and hadn't mastered it yet.