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Michael Clark


Michael Clark
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James Montalbano
  • Re: How do you practise?

    "Practice looking at the white," in relation to the black!
  • Re: Master Penman Jake Weidmann

    Alex, unfortunately this group would rather fight over whether Jake is a lettering artist or a calligrapher. It has been a month since you posted this. That should tell you all you need to know!
  • Re: Seb Lester's doodles, calligraphy or lettering?

    Thank you John. I do both lettering and calligraphy. Neither are a subset of anything, Craig (like you imagine). Calligraphy is best considered what comes out of the pen, brush. I see lettering as a process of drawing, touching up, amending initial strokes etc. The definitions are fluid, but the worst ones to try and define are the ones that think themselves experts. It has all been blurred by the techniques contemporary letterers and calligraphers. I do not do the same thing Jessica Hische does. Gerard Huerta and I have been acquaintances for many years and he has a totally different definition than I do, I am sure, but who cares who is right other than those who assume to know it all. Both HOWEVER, require a set of fine tuned set of hand skills and an knowledgeable eye.

  • Re: Pointed Pen Calligraphy Guides

    Depends on the user John. an e.g.

  • Re: The Twist

    I would "draw " the character first with the originating "tool" otherwise it is the tail wagging the dog. Coming from my background, "automated forms" are exactly that. Ray, depending on what the rest of this font looks like, the weights look like they could be "mis"-distributed to me. There are thinner strokes in this W, that you did, which would mean it was "borderline humanist" which would indicate to me that it should be "heavy-thinner-heavy-thinner" instead of "heavy-thinner-thinner-heavy." Does that make sense?